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I've been a serial killer in Madame Tussauds, the ghost of Sir Fulke Greville at Warwick Castle, Santa Claus at Selfridges, a troubled '70s rock star and everything in between. Currently I play all sorts of roles at immersive events – from elderly Victorian Professor Emelius Mortenson to the chaotic Fawlty Towers-style 1960’s hotelier Donald Sinclair. I've been a 1930’s bumbling Police Inspector, the local Vicar, a London underworld gangster and the 1920’s silent movie star heartthrob Victor Romano.

If you've had a read of my blog you'll know I've been happily performing live on stage and on film for over 30 years. I've done professional character work at promotional events and played Shakespeare in outdoor theatre and I kept myself sane* in Lockdown by playing a different character every day in the Quest Now Time videos.

I also do voiceover work and am available to record from home or in the studio.

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